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Illustrated consultant to fashionable Sub Hunters

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It was planned to install ASW torpedoes during construction, but this option was also cancelled and the sole ASW weapon available for use is a single depth-charge rack. Denmark use of is currently building a series of Stanflex 300 multifunction ships. most imaginative design in which a common hull can be adapted by special modules to optimise it for patrol duties, minesweeping or mine- laying. Presumably, should This is design a will be developed this concept prove successful for the ASW in practise, then a similar mission.

Aircraft: Vlerlin One West and Lynx ASW Armament: or (from rrrd-1990s) Agusta-Westland EH. 101 helicopter. 12m (30mm) DS-30B AA cannon; four 12 7in (324mm) ASW torpedo tubes. Propulsion: CODLAG: two Rolls-Royce Spey SMIA gas-turbines; four Paxman Valenta 12 RPA 200CZ diesel generator sets; two electric motors (41,250shp); two shafts; 28kts. The Royal Navy's Duke (Type 23) class frigates were planned as the successor Leander class, 25 of which were built between 960 and 973. Design work started in the late-1 970s and was progressing well when the Falklands War took place.

Complement: 179 The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has long been the richest of the Arab states, but the past 20 years has it sought to assert military power as well. The navy had some 10,000 officers and men in 1991, while hardware comprised only in mainly smaller warships. The USA was the kingdom's principle naval supplier the placing of the contract for the Al Madinah class frigates with France until 1980. in of any existing French design, but seem to represent type of ship that the French Navy would have liked if it had the same bottomless purse as Saudi Arabia!

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