By S.C.Nandimath

«Справочник по вирашиваизму» - это, возможно, одно из самых старых изданий описывающих это направление шиваизма: его традиции, культуру, философские взгляды и многое другое.

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Many of these trials or operations produced better results than more recent trials that have employed insecticide-treated bednets (Curtis and Mnzava 2000). In Zanzibar and in some parts of western Africa, DDT resistance in A. gambiae now precludes the effective use of this insecticide. The chemical is still being used in large scale in Ethiopia, India, Madagascar, and South Africa. The decision by South Africa to revert to DDT spraying in 2001 has relieved the increasing malaria problem associated with pyrethroid resistance in A.

Based on the available costeffectiveness data from tropical Africa, the total annualized cost of a package of malaria interventions (including scaling up of insecticide-treated bednets The resurgence and burden of malaria 21 and treatment coverage, introducing intermittent preventive treatment with SP in pregnancy, and switching first-line treatment to ACTs for 346 million people, was estimated at $824 million (Mills and Shillcutt 2004b). Chapter 3 Review of major initiatives and institutional policies for malaria control Over the past 50 years, the major concepts and strategies underlying global malaria control efforts have undergone a series of changes.

In many cases, medicines used for self-treatment are obtained through the unregulated private and informal sectors and are often fake preparations that lack any antimalarial ingredients (Amin and others 2003; Deming and others 1989; Deressam, Ali, and Enqusellassie 2003; Mwenesi, Harpham, and Snow 1995; Ruebush and others 1995; Williams and Jones 2004). Therefore, particular attention must be directed toward increasing access to diagnostic and treatment services, ensuring the supply of antimalarial medicines, and improving the quality of treatment practices at all levels of the healthcare system.

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