By Philip Kerr

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Download e-book for iPad: Einführung in Statistik und Messwertanalyse für Physiker by Gerhard Bohm, Günter Zech

Die Einführung in die Statistik und Messwertanalyse für Physiker richtet sich weniger an mathematischen Überlegungen aus, sondern stellt die praktische Anwendung in den Vordergrund und schärft die instinct experimentelle Ergebnisse richtig einzuschätzen. Zahlreiche ausführlich betrachtete Beispiele dienen dazu, häufig bei der Datenanalyse gemachte Fehler zu vermeiden (unsinnige Anwendung des Chi-Quadrattests, Funktionenanpassung bei falscher Parametrisierung, Entfaltung mit willkürlicher Regularisierung).

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That could be one reason why Poroshin’s trying to help Emil. They’re all the same, these Russians. It’s not just their brains that are in their balls. It’s their hearts too. ’ Her brow darkened. ’ ‘Well of course. It can’t simply be a matter of pulling Poroshin’s tail out of the fire, can it? ’ ‘Got any evidence for that? ’ ‘But he’s not charged with anything besides murder. ’ ‘What would be the point? ’ ‘That’s not the way it works. If he had been spying, they would have wanted to know everything.

Your countrymen spent twelve years trying to make those two circumstances mutually exclusive. That’s one of the things I can’t understand. ’ I shook my head. ’ The Colonel showed no sign of being irritated at my refusal. He looked at his watch and then stood up. ‘I must be going,’ he said. Taking out a notebook he started to write on a piece of paper. ‘If you do change your mind you can reach me at this number in Karlshorst. That’s 55-16-44. Ask for General Kaverntsev’s Special Security Section.

Some of them are just boys, you know. “ ‘I’ll bet they can,’ I heard myself growl. ’ I smiled broadly to defuse any sarcasm that was in my voice. This was not the time. Not yet anyway. I wondered if she would say anything about the bottle of Chanel that I had recently found hidden in one of her drawers. But she did not mention it. Long after Kirsten had gone to the snack bar there was a knock at the door. Still nervous about the death of the Ivan I put his automatic in my jacket pocket before going to answer it.

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A German Requiem (Book Three of the Berlin Noir Trilogy) by Philip Kerr

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