By Phyllis Schlafly

ISBN-10: 0686114868

ISBN-13: 9780686114864

A call, no longer an Echo was once issued in thousands of copies as an assault on Republican Governor Nelson Rockefeller and the japanese Republican institution.

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5 In many of the larger cities all over the United States a few days before the Convention opened, pleasant female voices were calling prominent citizens and saying, "This is Western Union calling. " The people called were prominent or important financially, but not politically wise. They were flattered at the thought of mixing in a small way with stirring political events. They did not realize they were paying for the telegrams; but they found them later on their phone bills. Another phase of "Operation Telegram" was to shower a Delegate with wires from his clients or customers back home.

His showing was pitiful in spite of the fact that he had the support of a long procession of prominent Democrats including two former Democratic presidential nominees, John W. Davis and Alfred E. Smith; former FDR braintrusters General Hugh Johnson and Raymond Moley; and many Democratic Governors and Senators. In no election since the Civil War had so many party leaders deserted their own party for the opposition. Many other senior Democrats were hostile to Roosevelt, but silent to preserve their party membership, including James A.

He was dedicated to reduce the 52 THE BIG STEAL—1952 53 level of Federal spending. Most important, he would never condone the America Last policy of the New Deal. " This slogan was cleverly designed to drive a wedge between Taft and his supporters, and it probably did affect many people. Of course it was completely false, as Taft had the best votegetting record of any Republican in the country, and had proved this ability in Ohio in his tremendous 1950 victory, in spite of dire predictions to the contrary.

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